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Author: Michael Rickert

Storage speed shootout, Dell vs EMC vs ZFS

The gear we’re testing today: Dell Equallogic PS6500 (7200rpm disks ~48 drives) EMC VNXe3200 (7200rpm disks ~24 drives) Dell/EMC SC4020 (ssd version ~12 drives) 45Drives S45 (7200rpm ~45 drives) 45Drives Q30 (ssd version ~12 drives) Supermicro 45 bay JBOD (7200rpm disks ~45 drives) My local machines ssd (just for fun ~1 drive) All backed by a 10gig fiber network For…

Building a 45drives backend for Starwind

Intro In this guide we’ll be going over the basics of bringing up a fresh 45drives chassis with the following: Ubuntu 16.04 ZFS for linux iSCSI targeting with targetcli 45drive LSI driver installs 45drive drive naming and /dev settings Raid1 boot drives for supermicro While portions of this guide will be specific to 45drives hardware, the zfs, ubuntu, and iSCSI…