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MRickert – Page 4 – Based on the IT journey of Michael Rickert


Based on the IT journey of Michael Rickert

FR 155 Hornet Drone Buildout and Guide

Detailing and giving quick tips for my FlowRotors 155 Hornet hex drone build. Parts list: 3x3x3 HQ props 550 paracord (green) 1000mah 45C 4S Nano-tech lipos Depinned Frsky x4r-sb CC3D PDB Naze32 Rev6b Littlebee 20A ESCs 3200kv RCX 1407 motors Microminimosd FX799X 200mW vtx 700TVL cmos camera (temporary, replace with HS1177) FloRotors Hornet 155mm FPV Hex frame   The first…

vmware converter 98% error

Earlier this week I had spent far too long trying to get an old server 2003 box converted to a VM. It would succeed in creating the vm, block copying the volumes, and all the rest, but fail at the very end at 98% with a cryptic” FAILED: Unable to create ‘\\.\vstor2-mntapi20-shared\$Reconfig$’.”. After much hunting, and tweaking just about every…

Quick iDRAC tips

Setting a Dell iDRAC ip address remotely over ssh: SSH into the Dell iDRAC device Once at the console screen, enter: racadm View the current ip address via: getniccfg Set a new ip address via: setniccfg After the ip address change, restart the iDRAC service: racreset Wait 1-2 minutes for the iDRAC to fully reboot with the new ip address…