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ArcServe and Quantum tape library driver fun

Just some notes on installing ArcServe 16 on a new server attached via SCSI to a Quantum tape drive:

The issue:

When first setting up the tape library in ArcServe under Devices, the Quantum Superloader tape library wasn’t showing up at all and the tape drive that was showing up was not accepting any commands.

The Cause:

A mixture of incorrect drivers and and a bad autoconfigure by CA ArcServe.

The Fix:

  1.        First install the proper scsi SAS controller driver by going to ‘start -> computer -> (right-click) manage -> device manager’
  2.       Next expand the ‘storage controllers’ section, right-click on the scsi adaptor that is connected to the Quantum tape drive, and then select ‘update driver software’
  3.       Install the proper driver software from the device manufacturer
  4.       If prompted to reboot, do so at this time
  5.       Next, back under device mananger, expand ‘tape drives’ and install the quantum tape drive driver from their support website
  6.       Expand ‘Medium Changer devices’ and update the drivers on ‘quantum superloader’ to ones provided on quantum’s website
  7.       Edit the windows registry as per this KBTech article: https://communities.ca.com/web/guest/kbtech;jsessionid=2BB5BDE11054B00B28C0A542552C971C.usilap723?docid=471461&searchID=TEC471461
  8.       Restart the CA tape service and the superloader will now appear properly in the ArcServe software.

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