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MRickert – Page 3 – Based on the IT journey of Michael Rickert


Based on the IT journey of Michael Rickert

Mass migrating distribution groups to 365

Recently I was tasked with recreating 500+ email distribution groups from our companies local exchange servers up to 365. Recreating over 500 distribution groups by hand would take weeks and an extreme number of raw man-hours, so there was only one solution, powershell scripting! This is a quick guide to how I scripted the recreation, and re-adding of members from…

Emax Nighthawk 200 build and mods

Intro: S3fpv was graciously provided with a Emax nighthawk 200 racing drone for review. Will (nicklyw) of S3 and myself did the following build and I then proceeded to mod the 200 to bring it up to acceptable S3 racing standards.       TL;DR Results: Overall I would give this kit a 3/5 (three out of five). LOS and…

A lesson in backup testing!

This is a real world example of why you should always test your backups. Approximately two weeks ago while running a backup restore test an error started occurring that would cause all restores of the fileserver drive to fail, going back any length of time. A ticket was opened with Veeam support about the error and troubleshooting began later that…