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SBUS on the RTFQ NOX v1 flight controller

A while back I had purchased the ReadyToFlyQuads NOX v1 test flight controller, and coming in at $35 for an AIO board that can do blheli32 it was a great deal, even with the zero documentation provided. One issue I couldn’t solve though was why I couldn’t get sbus to work on either UART port…. until now!


These steps are best done before performing any build/soldering, since you will need access to both sides of the FC.


Step 1:

Remove the four screws holding the gyro cover in place, this is covering up components we will have to remove later.


Step 2:

Verify both of the below resistors are removed, they should be completely unsoldered and the bare pads should not be jumpered. You could also only remove one of the two, but I found no reason to keep either.

For reference…

R107 connects ESC telemetry to UART2 RX
R108 connects ESC telemetry to UART1 RX


Here’s an example after I removed said resistors:



Step 3:

You need to use an uninverted sbus signal, in the below picture you can see I grabbed the uninverted signal from an Frsky XM+ (the middle pin if its hard to make out) and wired it into UART1 Rx




That’s it! Close everything up and enjoy your new sbus connected receiver on the NOX v1 flight controller.


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