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Veeam direct SAN access via iSCSI

How to add iSCSI connections on your backup server so that Veeam can access the SAN directly for backups.

1. On the backup server go to ‘control panel -> administrative tools -> iSCSI Initiator

2. Click on the ‘Discovery’ tab and then click on ‘Discover Portal…’

3. Enter the IP address of your SAN cluster and then click ‘advanced’

4. Change local adapter to ‘Microsoft iSCSI Initiator’, change Initiater IP to the correct IP address for your SAN vlan

5. Still in the advanced settings page, click ‘Enable CHAP log on’ and then enter your chap information


6. Click ‘ok’ and ‘ok’, then go to the ‘targets’ tab

7. You should now see your LUNs from your SAN in the ‘targets’ tab, click on each LUN individually and click on ‘connect’

8. Check the ‘Enable multi-path’ box and then click ‘advanced…’

9. Change the settings in the advanced tab to match those used earlier when entering your ‘Discover Portal’ information


10. Click ‘ok’ and ‘ok’ and then you should see ‘status’ -> Connected for the LUN, do this for any remaining LUNs


11. In Veeam, go to the ‘Backup Infrastructure’ screen and then click on ‘Backup Proxies’

12. Right-click on your backup proxy and go to ‘properties’

13. Make sure the transport mode is set to ‘Direct SAN Access’ and next through any remaining screens

And you’re all set to begin backing up in Veeam directly from the SAN!

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