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Video explaination of a recently created topology

Recently I’ve helped Caliper implement a new network topology based around multi-homed BGP and failover devices that gave the company 99.999% uptime and reliability across their computer systems network. With this new level of reliability, Caliper was able to internally host all web servers and web based applications without fear of a damaged reputation due to downtime. In fact, during one months time Caliper was showing a higher reliability and uptime across its network than Google apps! That’s a wonderful accomplishment and I’m glad to have been able to configure and set that up for them. Below is a short youtube video explaining some of the technologies leveraged to achieve such high reliability standards. Remember, this is a very high level overview and does not go into details such as Cisco IOS commands and router/firewall/switch programming like some of my videos do. Those in-depth Cisco programming videos will be coming at a later date… enjoy!

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