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Wifi Pineapple: Day 1, the gear

Picked myself up a wifi pineapple for wifi pentests and to get more experience with wifi security and applications. In this first post I’ll be going over the gear and how it works.

For those that aren’t aware, a wifi pineapple is a computer security penetration testing device for wireless networks. When a wireless device attempts to locate a wifi network to connect to, it will automatically connect to the wifi pineapple if within range and begin sending traffic. I’ve added a few extra goodies to expand the pineapples feature set, things like an extra wifi adaptor, more memory, and a battery backup for portability.

As seen below:


I chose the Anker Astro3E for its small size and ability to provide 3 amps while being relatively inexpensive. It should be able to provide over 6 hours of wifi pineapple run time. I will note that it was a bit tricky getting the wifi pineapple to boot properly with the usb hub and accessories without maxing out the allotted power from the Anker device but everything does boot properly with some fiddling. If I were to do this build again I would have probobly gone with the Anker Astro Pro version instead and skip all the unnecessary wiring.


Above is the full kit wired up and ready to be installed in the otterbox, without the wifi cables between the antenna and wifi devices this would have never fit. Again you’ll note trouble with providing proper power to the ALFA wifi radio (no blue power led), the usb power connections to the Anker battery device need to be flipped around.




Everything just barely fits in the otterbox, but with the top closed you’d never know.




And that’s a wrap for the gear portion of this series of posts! The otterbox provides waterproof protection as well as a bit of concealmentĀ  for the wifi pineapple gear at the cost of being a bit bulky. This was the largest waterproof box I was able to locate that could hold all of the needed kit without looking like a suitcase. Toss it in a backpack or large laptop bag for perfect concealment when out on those wild pentest runs.

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